I looked out the bedroom window when I stopped for coffee. I was in the middle of the installation of voyeurweb a wide range of wardrobes in the bedroom. voyeurweb The work was in progress, but a break was welcome always. When I looked out the window I could see beyond our neighbor, Angela. They looked at the house and saw me and waved a cheerful smile and took her home. Angela and her husband Don went to the other guests in the "Keys in the Bowl " New Year's Eve party a few weeks before. As described in SH in October, all women blindfolded and had painted the house of the key men for one night the woman - exchange with the key holder. My wife Angela husband Don had drawn. I've had with a woman ended nickname Sulky Sue, who spoke little (but fucking brilliant). I learned later, when Angela was a disappointing night and " was all over in 2 minutes. voyeurweb " I smiled to myself remembering that night. 69 - - Sulky Sue had a privileged position and that proved to bepracticed in many ways two or three times before dawn. I drank coffee and had begun to work again, when voyeurweb the doorbell rang. It was Angela. "I have a cabinet project," he said. "I want to do something similar gift. If I could perhaps see how it is ?" Happily agreed, and took the stairs to the bedroom. Angela was about 43, five feet six inches tall hair, medium brown, pretty face. His body was attractive breasts, small and good hips and buttocks. She was rumored to be "frivolous," but I had never experienced care. His interest in my work was short lived however, and seemed to have voyeurweb been on time. He turned to me and asked if I had enjoyed the party. We spoke briefly to him and he confirmed my conviction before things were voyeurweb not very exciting from their point of view. She came over and whispered: " I think it should have better luck.... and took the key " " voyeurweb Maybe I should have," I replied pulling closer. She raised her arms and let his hands behind his head, before going down to rub my lips with voyeurweb it. Angela tongue slid into my mouth. I licked my lips as he worked his in a passionate kiss. Slide left hand down her back, covering his ass and pulled voyeurweb her even closer to me. She responded with a flick of her body against mine and slowly took voyeurweb a knee between her legs to rub against my growing bump. His chest was an easy voyeurweb target for my other hand and then got up, pulled down her bra and bare chest in the cupped hand. I was vaguely aware of his hand was cut voyeurweb right through your body and playing some and pulling my zip continued as our kisses. Then his hand found my cock expertly worked long and free of clothing. Her waist skirt, putting his finger down between the buttocks hot when suddenly a voice broke our embrace each other. "What the hell is going ongoing on here? "It was my wife, Em had not heard her enter the house and she had not given his usual greeting. Angela and I were caught in the act. Angela was very cool as Em, whose expression was one of the face of indignant rage. "All right! " Angela said softly as I slid my cock quickly back in my pants. " I was checking to see what might be lucky enough to get into the New Year's party, if only he had chosen the correct key "Em no I was impressed. "They thought they could use when I can help and yourself? "She said Angela says. " I do not know what the hell are you complaining? Fuck you spent the night with my husband like a whore dirty, what I said! 'Em threw a dark red and Angela severely beaten in the face. "At least we all knew what it was, " she said. "I did not come to him later, grabs his tail, as I have with my husband! " Showed redness of the face of Angela anger as they advanced towards the EMeters I thought I would see, to break a fight between two women. They were at this time when everyone was wondering whether to commit to an outbreak of hostilities. However, he paused too long and the anger has subsided. Angela gave him clothes and quietly left the house in its place. A hush fell over and I took Em and a few good days. broke, and Em found a letter on our doormat. She opened it and pulled out a map. It was an invitation from Angela and Don to dinner at his house a few doors down the street from ours. Em looked at me and whispered : ". I think it's an attempt, a peace offering after the last shop in our bedroom," could not agree more, and quietly suggested that we accept the invitation. And so it happened that the next weekend we went down the road of flowers inevitable and grab a bottle or two of wine for our hosts. Angela had a great meal prepared and Don had provided some great wines and night PROGRESSssed taken with the usual small talk and planning holidays life in general, etc, etc, but no mention was made of the wardrobes. After dinner, we moved all of us in voyeurweb the living room coffee and mints was the inevitable with more drinks. The atmosphere was always very relaxed. Em, my wife was on the couch with Don, across the room from me. Angela wanted to turn off the lights and discomfort with the coffee and bottles of drink and realized that I spent more time than necessary to bend before me to fill my glass and my glass at all times. I do not care, because I was trying to decide whether to put a bra that night. I wondered if she had underwear too. Maybe I would be able to find. Em wore a white silk blouse and long skirt, Chinese style, to show thigh broke her fishnet stockings as overlapping legs. Don lay on the couch, his arm on the back. I was a little finger stEm and stroked her hair and neck, as we talked. Angela crossed the room and leaned into my glass on the coffee table in front of me. Gathered neckline of her top came off and I found it forward well. She wore no bra. I stayed at the top of her and watched her bare breasts clearly visible until her nipples pouting. Pull my eyes, murmured a thank you. He looked at me with a smile on his lips as if to say : " As you see, what" He sat on the couch beside me and we took our drinks. On the couch with Don rested his arm along the back of the sofa, he and Em common. While drinking beverages Don play with your fingers around the neck and ear Em. I knew he was sensitive to these approaches, but Angela put her hand on my knee and was slowly, slowly sliding my thigh. Don is persuasive caresses Em Had my head and saw her lips in a kiss short brush. Nor sought ourAngela squeezed my hand so easily between the legs. I turned to her and she nodded in the direction of Don and Em. That had now fallen into a long kiss and hand Don had slipped under the back and chest puffed sofa Em. The food and drinks were definitely a relaxing effect. Angela squeezed the bulge in his pants as he leaned toward me. Our mouths met and I felt his tongue flapping warm and wet around my lips. I responded with my tongue and soon we were sucking and licking each other stakeholders, as I ventured a hand through his thigh Angela. I was part of her legs slightly, enough voyeurweb to let me know about the pussy was available. Moments later, he discovered the fingers so that they also less panties and stroked her hairy mound for the first time I found the crack embedded in the soft skin then probed with care, willing to part my lips and sliding fnger only in the warm, wet opening. The minutes passed slot - full of tangles kineed for catheterization and fingers. Angela had lifted a leg over my leg, hidden from others, the fact that she unzipped me and took my cock growing in his hand. Meanwhile, I had picked up and released on her bare breasts and began sucking and nibbling on her nipples hungrily spreads. Eyes closed, head thrown back, grabbing my cock hard and extended browsing head to the oozing precum as I rubbed and finger fucked her pussy wet. She was fully prepared before in a state of shit. was at that moment we both know that the rhythmic creaking turn our minds from the master bedroom. "Hmmm, who has beaten him! " Angela whispered in my mouth before sucking his tongue again. I pulled off the top and put it over his head and muttered : "Let's get the skirt I want you naked ". I left my shirt and pants, lying naked on the couch in the past. Slowly spread her legs and I looked glistening court before kneeling on the floor, lean forward to get an idea of ??her pussy musk. She moaned as I slid thanks my tongue around the swollen pussy lips voyeurweb and stuck it in her silky smooth tunnel. Her clitoris cut to greet me and nipped me hips swaying gently to sink my tongue meet. I got up and went to bed, to mount them between her legs open. I immediately made ??my cock between her lips and moaned with pleasure as well as its penetration in the humid heat swallowed my cock. "Ohhh, at last! " Angela moaned as he took slowly, savoring the moment I had this fantasy that he had finally arrived when they have so much in recent weeks. Increases our damn fast tempo and we were both near climax, when voyeurweb a voice said : " Oh, Oh, you still will not let me interrupt again," I raised my head from between her breasts to see Angela was wrapped an old Em dressing gown over his shoulders, but otherwise naked, and only sawr first man having sex with another woman. A despite his words he was interrupted. "Oh, not again !" Angela groaned when used up yet. Em voyeurweb was smiling as she said, " Sorry folks ! voyeurweb Came just to see if you arrive more comfortable with us. Don says he believes that four of us. " When I saw her I realized that her legs were shining and his pussy was excited yet, I'm hitting by Don Hahn. Angela cursed as voyeurweb she sat down. " You're a whore, I want, fuck your man right?" Em murmured "Oh, I do not care ! " Em said. "I'm sure a dirty whore or not give voyeurweb up and still were pretty good right now " " And I'm also very well done! " Angela said defiantly. She grabbed me and said, "Come and take me, hard man !" When your body soft and warm up again to my hard cock back between her legs and pussy wait again. I began the long, slow path,Rokes to get it, before accelerating the pace to the poster bed had creaked up speed, while Em and Don were shit. I realized that I still watch em Angela closed her legs tightly around me and squeezed my ass, and going up and down between her thighs. Em saw fingers busy between her legs when he was shot in our advertising. Then Angela screamed as her orgasm hit her and I felt my cock sucking pussy spasms swab. I shot the first dip of the accumulated cum hard in her hot tunnel, grab a gasping groan of my then our body writhed and squirmed like spasms orgasm slowly faded. Em quickly took fingers her pussy, as we rolled apart. "Mmmm ! Quite a display! " She said, her eyes bright and shiny. "We now understand that we are on top! Don'll asleep and I think that 's a different feeling his cock afterwards! " "Why am I not surprised ! " Angela murmured. " Are you really as dirty as I bitchu make me! "Em did not respond. that followed the two women naked on the stairs, enjoying the view to explore soft ass Angela swayed and moved, as he climbed the stairs ahead of me. I was hoping that the undercurrent envy and antagonism between the two women did not erupt into a fight and dirty, but on second thought, I like the nude, rich hot dryer, hair, sexy looking women before me, my dick and tell me otherwise.
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